Erin Mitchell

b. 1989, US
Based in Berlin, Germany

A Prime Dystopia

A Prime Dystopia is a site-specific window installation that reimagines the Kreuzberg Pavillon project space (Berlin, DE) as displaced by speculative foreign investment. Styled as teaser for a newly launching startup, the space’s street-level façade is remade to mimic the influx of grocery delivery “dark stores” in storefronts in the surrounding area.  

A QR code within the installation redirects passersby to a collaborative archive chronicling international reporting on the exploitation of low-wage, precarious, and gig economy workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and their self-organization efforts in Berlin and beyond. 

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News Archive

Edited by Heiko Pfreundt
Exploitation or breaching your visa: The limited choices of the food delivery worker
(21.08.17) ABC

Food delivery men say they are exploited

Zomato India driver sacked after eating customer’s takeaway
(11.12.18) BBC

Zomato sacks delivery boy after viral video. Internet is feeling bad now
(11.12.18) India Today

India: Delivery Man Fired for Eating Food Now Getting Support on Social Media
(12.12.18) The Gazette

Deliveroo ‘riders’ say they are deliberately targeted for violent attacks
(22.02.19) Irish Times

Glovo faces safety protests after delivery rider killed on job

Over 1000 delivery boys accuse Zomato of exploiting them
(17.06.19) Times of India

Zomato loses fourth boy to crash in seven month
(22.11.19) Times of India

Wolt and Glovo - innovation in bending labour rights

Deliveroo riders on strike in Bristol in January 2019 | Photo: Robert Timoney/Alamy Stock Photo

Riding for Deliveroo made me fight for the future of work
(04.11.19) Vice

Food delivery drivers dance with death for Alibaba and Tencent
(06.12.19) Nikkei Asia

Zomatos delivery guy’s smile goes viral, company makes him the face of its Twitter
(28.02.20) Business Insider India

Taking cues from China’s delivery companies: Zomato now shows body temperatures of delivery executives on app
(15.04.20) India Today

Bird brained - Inside the electric scooter startup with big workplace problems
(23.04.20) The Verge

Today will be your last working day with Uber. Watch as choked up executive tells 3.500 rideshare employees they are being laid off effective immediately over a three-minute ZOOM call

(11.05.20) Daily Mail

Uber lays off 3,500 Employees over a Zoom call - The Way in which a company downsizes its staff days a lot about the organization
(13.05.20) Forbes

Finland: How to unionize when your boss is an algorithm and you’re self- employed

‘40 per cent drop overnight’: UberEats bicycle riders say algorithm change preferences motorbikes and cars

Bumpy Ride: Why Brazil’s Delivery Workers Are Fed Up
(01.07.20) Americas Quarterly

Vilnius food delivery workers strike over unannounced rate cutes

One of India’s biggest food delivery companies has introduced period leave
(11.08.20) CNN

India’s food delivery workers strike over drastic cuts in pay

Deliveroo Rider Thiago Osorio Cortes Killed In Hit and Run In Dublin
(02.09.20) Hot Press

Thiago Cortes came to Ireland for ‘a better life’, fiancée says as she pleads for hit-and-run driver to ‘be brave and hand yourself in’

‘My attackers were never caught… I hope Thiago gets justice’ - delivery driver on returning to work after brutal assault

Uber Eats in Italy investigated over alleged migrant worker exploitation
(13.10.20) The Guardian

Deliveroo and Uber Eats takeaway riders rent jobs to illegal immigrants - Couriers have created a black market in which migrants can work without record checks
(06.11.20) Times

Delivery riders kneeling in grief for the loss of their work mates outside Uber Eats⁩ in Sydney | Sally McManus/Twitter

Australia’s delivery deaths: the riders who never made it and the families left behind
(20.11.20) The Guardian

With five food delivery riders killed in two months, Australia’s gig economy faces a reckoning

(27.11.20) The New Daily

Zomato delivery boy killed as Mercedes rams into bike in Mumbai
(18.12.20) Times of India

Why Being a Delivery Driver is More Dangerous Than Being a Cop
(08.01.21) Scapi Mag

Court Rules Deliveroo Used ‘Discriminatory’ Algorithm
(05.01.21) Vice

Food delivery riders stage a protest against the government restriction measures to curb the spread of coronavirus in Milan | Photo: Luca Bruno/Associated Press

Deliveroo Rating Algorithm Was Unfair To Riders, Italian Court Rules
(05.01.21) Forbes

A Court in Bologna issued an historic ruling in late December 2020: Frank, the algorithm used by Deliveroo, does not weed out discrimination

How China’s delivery apps putting riders at risk

(26.01.21) Financial Times

Union boss urges people not to use food courier services that are akin to ‘slave labour’
Malta’s two largest unions agree that Gig workers in the food courier service need to be protected at law from ‘slave labour’

Gardaí trying to defuse tensions between food delivery workers and local youths Patrols increase in Dublin’s inner city in hope of averting future violence
(02.02.21) Irish Times

Deliveroo seeks meeting with Gardaí after attacks on its cyclists in Dublin city centre
(03.02.21) The Journal

Online food delivery deaths prompt calls for better worker’s compensation for gig economy workers

(09.02.21) abc

Berliner Radkuriere protestieren „Hört auf Essen zu bestellen!“ Lieferdienste erzielen bei Schnee und Lockdown Rekordumsätze. Deren Fahrer beklagen nun „menschenunwürdige Bedingungen“.
(11.02.21) taz!5746305/

The rise of Uber Eats gang masters is tearing the gig economy apart “I cannot find the words to explain what he did to us. We were used. We were used in many ways”
(15.02.21) Wired

Gig workers gather their own data to check the algorithm’s math
(24.02.21) Wired

Italy warns riders ‘treated like slaves’ by food delivery firms
(25.02.21) euronews

Why a takeout delivery man in China set himself on fire
(28.02.21) Los Angeles Times

Food delivery riders win back their jobs after striking deal with Hungry Panda
(15.03.21) abc News

How Amazon Crushes Unions
(16.03.21) New York Times

Amazon Drivers Must Give ‘Biometric Consent’ or Lose Job
(23.03.21) Business Insider

How China’s food delivery apps push gig workers to strike. A new study confirms an obvious fact: It’s dehumanizing to be managed by an algorithm.

‘My Turn to get robbed’- Delivery workers are targets in the pandemic - Armed robbers are targeting delivery workers in New York, stealing the expensive electric bikes that are key to their livelihood.
(09.03.21) New York Times

Bolt Food couriers protesting in Tbilisi on 24 March 2021 | Photo: Shota Kincha/OC Media

Bolt Food Couriers on strike in Tiblisi

Striking Bolt Food Couriers Rally Over Wage Cuts, ‘Unfair’ Sacking

Amazon denies workers resort to urinating in bottles
(25.03.2021) Washington Post*
*Jeff Bezos purchased The Washington Post in 2013 for $250 Million.

Amazon Drivers Say Peeing in Bottles Is Common, ‘Inhumane’
(25.03.21) Business Insider

Amazon apologizes for lying about pee — and attempts to shift the blame
(03.04.21) The Verge

Food Delivery App Riders Take Action in China After Leader ‘Disappears’
(03.04.21) RFA

How Amazon Tracks Workers, From Cameras to a Spy Agency
(05.04.2021) Business Insider

Migrants in Latin America Have Turned to Delivery Gigs During the Pandemic. But Drivers Say They’re Facing Hostility and Mistreatment
(10.04.21) Time

The Amazon fulfillment warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama | Photo: Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images

What Amazon Got Away With

Risks for South Africa’s food couriers surge during the pandemic
(14.04.21) Thomson Reuters Foundation

How Amazon automatically tracks and fires warehouse workers for ‘productivity’
(25.04.21) The Verge

Uber Eats get indigestion

Daten von 200.000 Gorillas-Kunden lagen ungeschützt im Netz
(07.05.21) rbb 24

An Amazon warehouse employee performs an automated “Mind & Body Moment” exercise as part of the company’s new Working Well initiative | Photo: Amazon

Amazon gives workers new wellness program, but not extra time to participate Why fix a problem when you can slap on an (expensive) bandaid?
(17.05.21) mashable

Too fast, too furious - Der Lieferdienst Gorillas soll Investoren viel Geld einfahren, die Beschäftigten organisieren sich

Kazakhstan: Food couriers win concession with government help

Britain’s home office defends immigration checks on food delivery riders amid ‘racial profiling’ accusations

(20.05.21) Forbes

Lieferando : Neue Belege für Fahrerüberwachung
(21.05.21) Tagesschau

Amazon’s AmaZen Kiosk (Quick Reupload)
(28.05.21) Namiki, YouTube

Father of tragic Deliveroo cyclist Thiago Cortes slams hit-and-run driver’s sentence
(03.06.21) Irish Mirror

No more Probezeit – Wilder Streik bei Lieferdienst Gorillas in Berlin

„Er hat die Probleme nicht angesprochen“Erneute Proteste nach Rede von Gorillas-Chef Der Gorillas-Geschäftsführer Kağan Sümer sprach per Videokonferenz zu Hunderten Beschäftigten. Doch schon am Abend gab es erneut eine Blockadeaktion.
(12.06.21) Tagesspiegel

Gorilla Tactics : Berlin delivery riders take on a $1bn start-up
(13.06.21) Independent

So fragil ist die neue Dienstboten-Ökonomie
(14.06.21) Welt

Food-delivery couriers exploit desperate migrants in France
(16.06.21) New York Times

Recherche: Angestellte des Lieferservice Gorillas berichten von zermürbenden Arbeitsbedingungen
(17.06.21) Vice

Konkurrenzkampf in der Lieferblase - Kurierdienste boomen seit der Coronakrise. Kapitalgeber stört es kaum, wenn die Unternehmen keine Gewinne erwirtschaften.
(18.06.21) Neues Deutschland

Food delivery driver’s death wasn’t recognised by Uber Eats and his family are still fighting for the insurance
(24.06.21) abc

Arbeitskampf bei Gorillas: Interne Meetings zeigen, wie verzweifelt der CEO mittlerweile ist
(28.06.21) Vice

„Bezahlt eure Beschäftigten“ Berliner Gorillas Kuriere diskutieren auf der Straße mit den Chefs
(28.06.21) Tagesspiegel

Amazon is reportedly using algorithms to fire Flex delivery drivers- It’s done with little human intervention and drivers often have no recourse.

Kazakhstani couriers are pushing back against the gig economy

Radkuriere im Regen. Gorillas Fahrer streiken für wetterfeste Arbeitskleidung
(30.06.21) Tagesspiegel

Lieferdienst Gorillas fürchtet Großstreik
(02.07.21) Der Spiegel

„Die digitale Sklaverei muß ein Ende haben“ - Was der Gorillas Arbeitskampf über die ganze Lieferdienst Branche verrät
(05.07.21) Tagesspiegel

Moment UberEats cyclist takes off his shoes and socks to wade through flooded street and deliver orders in Edinburgh
(05.07.21) Daily Mail

Kündigungen bei Gorillas lösen neue Proteste aus
(09.07.21) Tagesspiegel

As Dubai food delivery booms, dangers and casualities mount
(13.07.21) Independent

Miese Arbeitsbedingungen bei Berliner Gorillas: Sind Flink und Getir die Guten?
(14.07.21) Berliner Zeitung

Zomato IPO: India food delivery ‘unicorn’ opens $1.2bn offering
(17.07.21) bbc news

Berliner Lieferdienst in der Krise – Gorillas ein innovatives Start-Up? Das Gegenteil ist der Fall
(18.07.21) Tagesspiegel

Bundesarbeitsminister besucht Berliner Lieferdienst – Hubertus Heil empfiehlt Gorillas einen Betriebsrat
(20.07.21) Tagesspiegel

Takeout couriers in China quietly strike ‘under the radar’
(20.07.21) Cornell Chronicle

Berliner Lieferdienst in der Krise – Image von Gorillas leidet unter Arbeitskämpfen
(21.07.21) Tagesspiegel

Verstösse gegen Arbeitsschutz. Berliner Senat leitet Bussgeldverfahren gegen Lieferdienst Gorillas ein
(31.07.21) Tagesspiegel

Why DoorDash Drivers Are On Strike
(31.07.21) NPR

How migrant riders for the Gorillas delivery start-up are re-igniting the fight for labour rights in Germany

Gorillas – The new WeWork?

‘Cold and Callous’ : The Uber Eats algorithm is automatically sacking hundreds of people
(04.08.21) The Big Issue

Uber Eats driver Abiodun Ogunyemi was terminated after failing its facial recognition software and he’s not alone, unions say | Image: Abiodun Ogunyemi/The Big Issue

Corona Ausbruch bei Gorillas in Prenzlauer Berg
(05.08.21) Berliner Morgenpost

Travis Kalanick is building a secretive dark kitchen empire in Europe

Yoga statt Arbeitsrechte
(07.08.21) Junge Welt

Lithuanian couriers protest pay changes by Wolt food delivery platform

Unrest in Unicorn country
(13.08.21) Berliner Zeitung

Food delivery firms under scrutiny as new Spain law kicks in
(12.08.21) Associated Press

Protest radikalisiert sich. Türschlösser von Gorillas Filialen in Berlin verklebt
(13.08.21) Tagesspiegel

Gorillas workers strike in Berlin-Mitte in support of terminated ex-coworker | Photo: AdoraPress/M. Golejewski

Unruhe im Einhornland: Wie die Gorillas sich aus der Prekarisierung ziehen
(13.08.21) berlinerzeitung

Proteste der Gorillas-Kuriere wirken: Arbeitsbedingungen werden zum Wettbewerbsfaktor
(13.08.21) Handelsblatt

Boom von Fahrrad-Lieferdiensten. Auf Kosten anderer
(13.08.21) taz!5789413/

Legal, illegal – legitim – die andauernden „wilden“ Streiks beim Lieferdienst Gorillas haben die Diskussion um das Streikrecht neu entfacht

Schwerer Abbiegeunfall in Kreuzberg LKW Fahrer rammt Radlieferanten am Mehringdamm
(18.08.21) Tagesspiegel

Ehemaliger afghanischer Minister fährt in Leipzig Essen aus
(21.08.21) RND

Poor wages, punishing hours, and lack of labour rights make food delivery a thankless gig
(21.08.21) The Hindu

Arbeitskampf bei Gorillas „Ich bin ganz alleine und besetze Kreuzberg“
(24.08.21) Süddeutsche Alternativlink:

The afghan minister who became bicycle courier in Germany
(26.08.21) Reuters

Lieferdienste wie Gorillas gefährden das Miteinander

Twitter Can’t Stand Zomato’s New Advert Featuring Hrithik Roshan

Pankow kritisiert dreistes Vorgehen. Gorillas will Privatparkplätze für Lieferräder auf Berlins Straßen
(30.08.21) Tagesspiegel

Still from a Zomato ad with actor Hrithhik Roshan uploaded by Zomato on YouTube

Zomato Responds To Backlash Against Ads Featuring Hrithhik Roshan, Katrina Kaif. Zomato said the ads were conceptualised six month ago, which was “long before any social media chatter around gig worker payouts/working conditions.”
(31.08.21) ndtv

Speedy grocery delivery firms are racing to survive
(01.09.21) Wired

Delivery Drivers Wade Through Floods as New Yorkers Order Takeout during Storm Ida
(02.09.21) Newsweek

A delivery man struggled through floodwaters. The man who filmed him wants to give him $1,700.
(02.09.21) New York Times

Take a look inside a dark store

Express-Lieferdienst vor dem Arbeitsgericht - Gorilla Rider klagen gegen befristete Arbeitsverträge
(06.09.21) Tagesspiegel

Bolt Food couriers in Kyiv protest their work conditions

Bolt delivery drivers strike in Ukraine after 50% wage cut

Ukraine’s Bolt Food strike highlights plight of gig economy workers

May 2021: Wolt couriers mobilise against changes to the company’s algorithm in Kazakhstan | Photo: Dmitriy Mazorenko

Revolt of the Delivery Workers. Exploited by apps. Attacked by thieves. Unprotected by cops. 65.000 strong, with only themselves to count on.
(13.09.21) The Verge

Panic and uncertainty: What the race to reduce delivery times means for workers

Food delivery app Efood faces customer backlash over workers rights

Greek Delivery Giant Efood Faces Major Backlash Over Worker’s Rights
(17.09.21) Greek Reporter

Efood: Der Brief löste eine heftige Reaktion bei den Kurieren und Kunden des Unternehmens aus
(18.09.21) Athen Nachrichten

„We‘re all fighting the giant“ : Gig Workers around the world are finally organizing

Verhandlungen am Arbeitsgericht. 17 Fahrradkuriere klagen gegen Berliner Lieferdienst Gorillas
(21.09.21) Tagesspiegel

Deliveroo France food delivery company to go on trial for ‘undeclared labour’
(21.09.21) RFI

Gig Economy: New York City delivery workers win rights to better tips, barhrooms and more
(23.09.21) The Guardian

Lieferdienst Gorillas und Flink: Gute Anlage für Investoren?
(24.09.21) FAZ

Cancel Efood: Delivery workers protest in Athens
(25.09.21) World Trending, YouTube

Exhausted delivery workers, “inert” restaurants: dissatisfaction grows against delivery apps
(27.09.21) Brasil de Fato

Turkey’s biggest food delivery service Yemeksepeti violates workers’ right to unionize

Uber, Lyft & Co. Umweltschädlicher und teurer für alle als persönliche Autos
(29.09.21) heise online

UK Uber drivers strike over accusations. The company is ignoring a Supreme Court ruling

Gorillas Streik im Bergmannkiez

Immer wieder Streik bei Gorillas. Es wird nur schlimmer
(04.10.21) Berliner Zeitung

Streikbrecher bei Gorillas entpuppen sich als Chefs
(04.10.21) Tagesspiegel,Frenzel%20(hier%20zu%20sehen). (Paywall)

Striking Gorillas riders protest by using bicycles to block a warehouse in Berlin | Photo: Twitter/Gorillas Workers Collective

Gorillas-Fahrer: “Seht uns nicht als Nummern oder Maschinen“
(04.10.21) rbb 24

Sie sollen nicht durchkommen - Streik bei Gorillas
(04.10.21) taz!5801411/

Ex-Uber driver takes legal action over ‘racist’ face-recognition software
(05.10.21) The Guardian

I’m an Uber Driver. Me and Hundreds of Others Are Going on Strike to Demand the Rights We Deserve

Lieferdienst Gorillas kündigt streikenden Fahrern
(05.10.21) Der Spiegel

Start-up Gorillas entlässt streikende Fahrradkuriere
(05.10.21) Tagesspiegel

Mit Krachdemo gegen Kündigungen
(06.10.21) Neues Deutschland

Uber sued over ‚racist‘ facial recognition algorithm that locks out workers
(06.10.21) The Independent

Wird Gorillas-Streik zum Präzedenzfall?
(06.10.21) Tagesschau

Wie der Lieferdienst Gorillas ein Versprechen bricht
(06.10.21) Stern–wie-der-lieferdienst–gorillas–ein-versprechen-bricht-30808052.html

Uber’s ‘racist’ facial recognition software is firing Black and Asian drivers, former driver claims
(06.10.21) euronews

„Schön, dass ihr kämpft – ihr seid gefeuert!“
(07.10.21) der Freitag

A tiny tweak to Zomato’s algorithm led to lost delivery riders, stolen bikes and missed wages

Arbeitsrechtler erachten Gorillas-Kündigungen als unwirksam
(08.10.21) rbb24

“Die Zusage des Gorillas-CEO könnte man durchaus als Selbstverpflichtung ansehen”
(08.10.21) rbb24

Gorillas delivery app fires hundreds of Berlin workers for strikes over pay and working conditions
(08.10.21) euronews

Gorillas delivery app fires hundreds of Berlin workers for strikes over pay and working conditions
(08.10.21) euronews

The growing pains of Gorillas, the flash delivery guy who got out of the ground in record time

Gorillas Wilde Streiks und reihenweise Entlassungen beim Berliner Lieferdienst
(13.10.21) ZDF

Lieferdienst: Ende der netten Worte
(13.10.21) Zeit

Lieferdienst Gorillas - Delivery Hero steigt ein
(19.10.21) Der Spiegel

Kapitalboost für Gorillas: Der Markt schert sich nicht um soziale Fragen
(19.10.21) Berliner Zeitung

Lieferdienst Gorillas bekommt fast eine Milliarde von Investoren
(19.10.21) rbb 24

Immigrant workers pressing firms as pandemic recovery gives them leverage
(21.10.21) NPR

‘Like slaves’: Lebanon’s delivery riders struggle as crisis bites
(22.10.21) Thomas Reuters Foundation News

Lieferung in 10 Minuten! Ist das Modell von GORILLAS die Zukunft der Gig Economy?
(23.10.21) euronews

Lieferdienste: Millionenrendite auf Kosten der Fahrer:innen?
(28.10.21) WDR/Monitor

The gig economy needs to change and the public knows it
(29.10.21) tribunemag

New York food delivery workers mobilize against attacks, theft


Gustavo Ajche helped form a group called Los Deliveristas Unidos in New York to advocate for better protections for delivery workers | Photo: Laylah Amatullah Barrayn/NPR

Ordering food on an app is easy. Delivering it could mean injury and theft
(03.11.21) NPR

Gig-working in England and Wales more than doubles in five years
(05.11.21) The Guardian

Delivery riders in China face exploitation as sector booms
(07.11.21) (via AFP)

Prozess gegen Gorilas Lieferdienst: Waren wilde Streiks doch legal?
(08.11.21) RND

Gorillas verklagt Rider
(08.11.21) taz!5813474/

Gorillas geht offenbar vor Gericht gegen Betriebsratswahl vor Einem Bericht zufolge möchte die Geschäftsführung die Wahl einer Beschäftigtenvertretung verhindern- Mit einem fragwürdigen Argument
(09.11.21) Tagesspiegel

Flink auf Kosten der Angestellten?
(11.11.21) Regensburg-Digital

Umstrittener Lieferdienst: Gorillas will in Berlin Franchise-Modell einführen
(12.11.21) Der Spiegel

Gorillas machte ihn zum Millionär: In diese Startups hat Jörg Kattner nach seinem Ausstieg investiert
(13.11.21) Business Insider

What caused Hong Kong’s Foodpanda riders to go on strike? Long waiting times, pay cuts and order system among grievances
(16.01.21) South China Morning Post

Foodpanda workers demonstrate in Hong Kong | Photo: Candice Chau/Hong Kong Free Press

Hong Kong Police warn striking foodpanda workers to disperse or face possible force
(16.01.21) Hong Kong Free Press

Qatar arrests ‘angry customer’ filmed attacking delivery driver
(16.11.21) Doha News

Gorillas Beschäftigte dürfen Betriebsrat wählen
(17.11.21) Der Spiegel

Profit auf dem Rücken der Fahrer

Lieferdienst Gorillas geht weiter gegen Betriebsratswahl vor
(20.11.21) Tagesspiegel