Erin Mitchell (b. 1989, California, USA) is an artist based in Berlin, Germany. Her work focuses on nature and wellness technologies in the context of corporatized aesthetics.

Her work has been exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions including Anonymous Gallery, New York (2021); Virginia Bianchi Gallery, Bologna (2021); Centre Del Carme, Valencia (2019); Harlesden High Street with isthisit?, London (2019); Galerie Manqué, New York (2019); Off Site Project, London (2019); Exgirlfriend Gallery, Berlin (2018); and Kunstpunkt Galerie für Aktuelle Kunst (2017).

She curated the virtual speaking conference ▇xTheWrong as part of The Wrong Biennale (2019). Her work is held in the collection of Lawrence B. Benenson, member of the MoMA Board of Trustees.

Solo Exhibitions
Organic Engagement, Virginia Bianchi Gallery︎︎︎, Online Exhibition, 2021, Press Release︎︎︎

Welcome to Green®, Off Site Project︎︎︎, Online Exhibition, 2019

Next Nature, Institut für Alles Mögliche︎︎︎, Berlin, Germany, 2017

Uncanny Valley, SomoS︎︎︎, Berlin, Germany, 2017, Press Release︎︎︎

Virtual Prism, Hang Art Gallery︎︎︎, San Francisco, California, United States, 2015

Broadcast Incertitude, Front/Space︎︎︎, Kansas City, Missouri, United States, 2013

2-Person Exhibitions
Select Group Exhibitions
The Terminal: Human Shaped Whole, Anonymous Gallery︎︎︎, New York, New York, United States, 2021, Press Release︎︎︎

Epicentre, The Wrong Biennale, Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània︎︎︎ in conjunction with The Wrong︎︎︎, Valencia, Spain, 2019, Press Release︎︎︎

▇xTheWrong︎︎︎, The Wrong Biennale, The Wrong︎︎︎, Online Exhibition, 2019, Press Release︎︎︎

Exgirlfriend Grand Re-Opening and Retrospective Exhibition, Exgirlfriend Gallery︎︎︎, Berlin, Germany, 2019, Press Release︎︎︎

Late Stage, Galerie Manqué︎︎︎, New York, New York, United States, 2019, Press Release︎︎︎

Trust is the Ultimate Currency, Harlesden High Street︎︎︎ in collaboration with isthisit?︎︎︎, London, United Kingdom, 2019, Press Release︎︎︎

When I Grew Up (my own private ZAD by the sea)︎︎︎, Data Rhei︎︎︎ in conjunction with isthisit?︎︎︎, Online Exhibition, 2018, Press Release︎︎︎

APEL, The Wrong Biennale, The Wrong︎︎︎, curated by Guest Room Project Space︎︎︎, Carrboro, North Carolina, United States, Online Exhibition, Press Release︎︎︎, 2018

Good Friends, Kunstpunkt Galerie für Aktuelle Kunst︎︎︎ in conjunction with Keum Art Projects︎︎︎ and the Institut für Alles Mögliche︎︎︎, Berlin, Germany, Press Release︎︎︎

2015 Benefit Art Auction︎︎︎, Headlands Center for the Arts︎︎︎, San Francisco, California, United States, 2015

Summer Party Benefit Auction, Museum of Fine Arts︎︎︎, Boston, Massachusetts, United States, juried by Jen Mergel︎︎︎, Beal Senior Curator of Contemporary Art, 2014

Point of No Return, Southern Exposure︎︎︎, San Francisco, California, United States; juried by Hesse McGraw︎︎︎, Chief Curator of Contemporary Art at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art︎︎︎, 2012, Press Release︎︎︎

Visions of Yore, Gallery Hijinks︎︎︎, San Francisco, California, United States; juried by Emily Lakin, Community Director, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts︎︎︎, 2012

Building New Traditions: 9th National Print Competition, Janet Turner Print Museum︎︎︎, California State University, Chico, California, United States; juried by Franklin Sirmans︎︎︎, Department Head and Curator of Contemporary Art at Los Angeles County Museum of Contemporary Art︎︎︎ (catalogue), 2012

Collision and Equilibrium: American Youth Printmaking Exhibition︎︎︎, Shanghai Youth Biennial, Liu Haisu Art Museum ︎︎︎, Shanghai, China (catalogue), 2011

Tempting Equilibrium: SGC International Juried Exhibition︎︎︎, Des Lee Gallery︎︎︎, St. Louis, Missouri, United States; juried by Mark Pascale, Associate Curator of Drawings and Prints, Art Institute of Chicago︎︎︎ (catalogue), 2011

Los Angeles Music Center Spotlight Awards for Young Artists︎︎︎ Visual Arts Honorary Exhibition, Bergamot Station Arts Center︎︎︎, Santa Monica, California, United States, 2007

isthisit? Issue 06 (Edition of 100), isthisit?︎︎︎, 2019, Press Release︎︎︎, Downloadable PDF︎︎︎

Fresh Air, compiled by Mara Oscar Cassiani︎︎︎, presented at Sprint Milano︎︎︎, Milan, Italy, 2017

Residency, Institut für Alles Mögliche︎︎︎, Berlin, Germany, 2017

Residency, SomoS︎︎︎, Berlin, Germany, 2017

Residency, Kala Art Institute︎︎︎, Berkeley, California, United States, 2011

Curatorial Projects
▇xTheWrong︎︎︎, The Wrong Biennale, The Wrong︎︎︎, Online Exhibition, 2019-2020, Press Release︎︎︎

Benaglia, Sara. Intervista con Virginia Bianchi — VBG︎︎︎. ATP Diary︎︎︎, 22.07.2021  

Wallerstein, Wade, ONLINE: “Organic Engagement”︎︎︎, Silicon Valet︎︎︎, 29.04.2021

Kalinovski, Roman, Three Physical Digital Art Exhibitions in New York︎︎︎, Arcade Project︎︎︎,  20.04.2021

Wallerstein, Wade, NEW YORK, NY & ONLINE: “The Terminal: Human Shaped Whole”︎︎︎, Silicon Valet︎︎︎, 20.04.2021

Ríos, Doreen, A., Semana 269_1: The Terminal: Human Shaped Whole︎︎︎, ANTImateria︎︎︎, 19.04.2021

Erin Mitchell: Organic Engagement︎︎︎, Pikasus ArteNews, 12.04.2021

Ríos, Doreen, A., Semana 202_1: ▇xTheWrong︎︎︎, ANTImateria︎︎︎, 30.12.2019

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Trust is the Ultimate Currency︎︎︎, Tique︎︎︎, 01.2019

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